Lego Party Invitations

Hey! I know I already posted a picture of the invites, but I thought it was time to let everyone in on all the details. As soon as I found out we were doing a lego party I immediately googled “lego birthday invites” and saw tons of cute ideas. Since we were inviting 30 kids! I quickly decided I wanted one that could be mostly accomplished on the computer.

I got the idea from one blog. (Sorry I am still new I need to figure out how to add links! I will figure out asap!) He used the Lego Digital Designer program (which is a free download from the Lego Website) to make his kid’s invite. I liked how cute it was and that all I had to do was arrange lego pieces to spell out the message. Super simple. Although I did decide I wanted to letters to look cute and not so blocky which is hard considering this is a lego party. When I was finally down I arranged everything in photoshop and printed them out using the Epson Picturemate Dash. It’s definitely cheaper doing it with laser printer but I was to lazy to crop them. Afterwards I mounted them on 2 pieces of primary colored cardstock, so the invites ended up being 7″x5″.

Then I got the idea to make a minifigure look-alike of little dude from the other blog. We used this minimizer program. They allow you to choose their faces, hair, clothing, etc… This was tons of fun too. Lil’ Dude wanted to have a mohawk. I told him he doesn’t have a mohawk so we couldn’t use that for the invite, but he could make his own when I was done and he was alright with that idea. I used the updated version, the older one is truer to real legos. There’s also the kid friendly version which omits the boobies (trust me kids will want theirs to have boobs, hopefully they aren’t smart enough to make them skin colored ). Afterwards I made a screenshoot of my image and then saved it in photoshop. I gave M the image and she did the rest. She honestly writes the BEST invites ever! She always knows the cute and witty things that people love to read. I on the other hand would just include the basics like who, what, when & where. After M was finished we printed them from the laser this time then cropped them and slapped them on the back. I love them! But the fun doesn’t stop there because I decided that something was missing.

And that something was Lego confetti. Honestly what was I going to do with all of those scraps? I used my versamarker and made dots on strips of extra cardstock. I then sniped them in various lego sizes. It feels good to use scraps. My idea for the confetti was to add them to the envelopes so when everyone pulled out their invites some confetti would fall out and it would look like this.

So cute! It’s too bad I wasn’t able to add any confetti into the kid’s invites, but I was able to make some in time to send them out to Lil’ Dudes family. We also used extra as table decorations, but I’ll get to that in another post.

5 down 47 to go!



February 4, 2010. Invitations, Parties.

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